Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The New Calvinism

Oh gosh...this article below is absolutely amazing. I really appreciate how Dr. McCall points out the positive aspects of the New Calvinism but cautions against its defects at the same time (not even on strictly theological grounds).

"No theological tradition has cornered the market on arrogance. I have been accused of it (sometimes, I fear, with very good reason). Yet there seems to be – though I’m sure that what I say here is highly fallible – an amazing quantity of it among the New Calvinists."

This is, for me, the true heart of the issue. One of those reading it wrote an especially insightful comment: "I appreciate the new theology and the stress on doctrine and on Biblical Theology as a discipline. I regret that this can be accompanied by the idea that this doctrine is inerrant rather than the Bible being inerrant."

Just as we as Arminians have to be open to other traditions and other theology, so too the New Calvinists should recognize that Calvinism is only a school of thought and not (even as some renowned preachers would have it) equivalent to biblicalism.